Yoga Nidra is guided practice. You lay still and allow relaxation and awareness to simultaneously arrive. Yoga Nidra is helpful for a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual disharmonies.

A blend of acupuncture, massage & hot stones.  Moxibustion, cupping, aromatherapy, gua-sha and electrical stimulation included as needed.  This treatment can address a wide variety of physical, medical, or mental/emotional needs.



35 minute acupuncture treatment in a semi-private setting. Lay back and relax while listening to meditative music. Perfect for relaxation, stress relief and illness prevention.

Multi-Modality Acupuncture

Yoga Nidra


60min $75

Package of (3) $195

90min $110

Package of (3) $300

​​Single visit $40​​ 

Package of (5) treatments $165